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01:09am 04/01/2006
mood: accomplished
here's a zip file containing all the independant songs requested


Electronic Sound:

Live in Japan (both discs):

Complete Rarities vol. 1:

The Traveling Wilburys Volume 1:

Traveling Wilburys Volume 3:

1989-1990 Demos and Outtakes:

Updated January 14th:
Faster video:
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10:53pm 02/01/2006
mood: accomplished
Here's What I think may be the bulk of my George Harrison stuff...lol

All Things Must Pass
Cloud Nine
Dark Horse
Electronic Sound
Extra Texture
George Harrison
Live in Japan
Living in the Material world
Somewhere in England
Thirty Three & 1/3
Wonderwall Music
“Poor Little Girl” and “Cockamamie Business” from “Best of Dark Horse” album

Live At the Arena
Song: “I don’t care anymore” from Bootleg “Anthology 2"
Song: “Horse to the Water” With Jools Holland
Songs: “Abandoned Love”; “Dream Away”(With incidental music from movie “Time Bandits”); “Breath Away from Heaven” (with incidental music from movie “Shanghai Surprise”) from Bootleg “12 Arnold Grove”
Art of Dying (discs 1-4)
Songs: “Nowhere to Go” and “I’d Have you any time” (recorded with Bob Dylan) from Bootleg “Beatles- complete home record”
Beware of ABKCO
Far East Man
George Harrison Complete Rarities vol. 1
Ice Cold in Toronto
Pirate Songs
Rockline Interview
The Harri-Spector show
Bob Dylan and George Harrison Live at Columbia Studios
Love One Another

Volumes 1 and 3
Bootleg “1989-1990- demos and outtakes”
Videos: “She’s My Baby”, “Handle With Care”, “Nobody’s Child”, “End of the Line”, “Inside Out”

All Things Must Pass 30th anniversary EPK
“True Love”
“My Back Pages” (from Bob Dylan Anniversary Concert)
“Ding Dong, Ding Dong”
“My Sweet Lord” and “Wah Wah” from Concert for Bangladesh
“All Those Years Ago”
Carl Perkin’s “Rockabilly Session” HBO special
“All Things Must Pass” and “Any Road” VH1 1997
“Blow Away”
Brainwashed EPK
CNN People in the News George Harrison biography
“Crackerbox Palace”
“Got My Mind Set on You” (study version)
“The Pirate Song” (on Rutland Weekend Television)
“This Song”
On the Today Show 4-15-86
“When We was Fab”
“While My Guitar Gently Weeps” and “Here Comes the Sun” from Prince’s Trust Concert
“This is Love”
"Something" crappy vid bootleg from "Live in Japan"
"Here Comes the Sun" and "Homeward Bound" with Paul Simon (SNL)
The Simpson's episode "Homer's Barbershop Quartet" (special Guest George Harrison)
Tom Petty video for "I won't Back Down" w/George on guitar
London 1992 concert (I think he did a benefit concert for the Natural Law Party or some sort of political group...I think this is from that)"I want to Tell You" (INCOMPLETE)

33 and 1/3rd interview
George Harrison/Ringo Starr TV appearance on “Aspel& Co.” (audio only)
1977 BBC interview with Anne Nightingale
Random BBC interview that apparently has no name…lol
March 1969 interview with David Wigg

“Ride Rajbun” from album “Bunbury Tails”
“Can’t find my Way Home” (guitar work) live with Delaney and Bonnie
“Govinda Jaya Jaya” and “Hare Krishna Mantra” from album “Chant and Be Happy”
“It Don’t Come Easy” George Harrison on main vocals
George Harrison Yellow Submarine radio ad
George Harrison BBC radio tribute
The Nelson Wilbury Christmas Message
Yamuna Devi Dasi Remembers George Harrison
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08:05am 28/06/2005
  hhmmm...I wonder if this will work....  
08:24pm 26/05/2005
mood: annoyed
Well...I had planned on getting a lot done tomorrow before my vaca to indiana....but alas, my aunt needed a baby-sitter for Hayden, so I'm leaving in a matter of minutes. I'm hoping the files I'm uploading for BeatleFiles will get done before I have to leave, if not I'll try to find the time tomorrow.

Damn. I wanted to burn the Anthology cds before I left. Arg. Why must I be Babysitter of the year?
11:51am 25/05/2005
mood: Cause I'm dumb
I saw the third Star Wars last night, and it's actually quite good, really. I was annoyed with the first one, and bored by the second one, but the third really displayed a more emotional story. Yes it was science fiction- but it was science fiction with heart.

Going to the boyfriend's graduation tonight.

Oh...man...things are so screwed up with that. I loved him more than life itself when he wanted nothing to do with me. I guess because then I could pine artistically or some such bullshittery. But the thought of a real relationship does nothing for me. I need to have absolute freedom- so I know I could at any point decide to leave, or put on my headphones, or go meditate or be gone for days at a time. I want to own my life. I want to own my thoughts and not be a slave to anyone else's expectations.

It seems I've spent this entire relationship trying to not be in a relationship. I've been ignoring him and avoiding him and I know it's awful and horrible and mean and cruel and nine thousand other things...but I am a messed up individual.

He doesn't want me going to India next summer. He wants to keep me here. He wants me waiting for him, at his beck and call and I'm not like that. I'm free.

I Am Free.

It's all so much. Sometimes I want to simply disapear from my world. That's partially why I want to go to Inda. So I can have time to simply not be expected anywhere, to not have to give up my time for thinking and feeling and creating so i have to entertain an endless array of closed-minded middle americans too immersed in Now Culture to respect anything beyond it.


I am such an idiot. I just accidentally posted this on my Beatles community instead of my actual journal...let's try this again...lol
06:05pm 24/05/2005
mood: lazy
Today is Bob Dylan's Birthday, and everyone should rejoice.
If I had remembered sooner, I would've planned birthday activies, but alas I didn't. So Instead I'm going to go see the third Star Wars movie with Ashley
04:51pm 21/05/2005
mood: blah
I Got blisters on my Fingers!!!!

No really, I do.
Tis quite painful. I spent a good two hours working on the fucking TOMMY jingle....Man I love The Who. I really, really love The Who. Especially Pete, who turned 60 on Thursday.

Here are some pics of the birthday extravaganza:
Pete's birthday Little Debbie snack cakes (We had to work with what was handy LOL):
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The ceremonial watching of "The Kids are Alright" and "Tommy"
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The night before, on our roadtrip to Detroit. We went to the Hard Rock Cafe. As we passed by I wasn't paying attention, and Ashley screamed "Oh My God, George harrison!"
I, forgetting he was....ya know...dead and stuff, went "Where? OMG where is he?!!"

Here he is:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Large as life on the outside of the building, just two sections down from Little Macca:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
and Little Macca will be Here:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
On October 14th!

It was a good two days. We plan to Have a Macca day for Paulie's birthday in July, Moonie Day for Keith Moon's birthday in Agust, and Georgefest, a two-day festival of George Harrison in which we will blast the Hare Krishna Mantra from the cars sound system as loud as humanly possible, hand out flowers to people, and shout Hare Krishna at passersby. Should prove fun.
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10:29am 16/05/2005
mood: peaceful
Well...that was a disapointement. I fully intended on getting me the Beatles Anthology...but the store was closed! And then I figured as a substitute I'd get Concert for George...but the store was closing...and of course they didn't have it at WalMart(the only place open at 11 o'clock on a sunday night)
I'm distressed.

But oh well....I did get a totally Fab pair of glasses that look exactly like Geo's heart glasses...only they're huge novelty glasses. I got them anyways. 88 cents well spent.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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03:49pm 15/05/2005
mood: bored
So...my musical was this weekend. It was great fun, as usual. Between me kissing my Wings Over America tour picture from a newspaper in the 70's given to me as a present by my director, and the smoke detector going off in the middle of the show....and my sound system shutting down mere moments before a song cue.....

And of course...the cast party. Homo-eroticism at it's finest....but thats a whole nother story :) Or cast is a bawdy bunch, we are.

I've decided that should Ashley decide to call me back tonight, I shall convinvce her to go to Allied Records so I can get The Beatles Anthology.

I hope she calls me back.
Huzzah for LiveJournal   
04:52pm 11/05/2005
mood: creative
I finally got one of these Fiendish thingys.
Much more difficult to manage than my xanga...but then again, xanga confused the piss outta me when I first started.
I pretty much just got one of these so I could get in on some of the fabulous Beatles communities here.
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